NG-1871/1871 PLUS

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NG-1871/1871 PLUS BATHTUB:

Size is 1700*800*580 mm with length double width.

Acrylic material used for this tub will make you feel really satisfied. Acrylic is a material that is friendly to the human body and widely used in interior design.

The backwater drainage with overflow valve operate in a tight that provides the most relaxing moments. Always keep the water level stable.

  • NG-1871 PLUS: Bubbling system to relax with LED lighting.
Overview image NG-1871
Overview image NG-1871
NG-1871 bathtub
NG-1871 bathtub
NG-1871 bathtub
NG-1871 bathtub
Air bubble system
Air bubble system

1700*800*580 mm



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